Business Communication Skills Tip – The Impact of Conversation

Conversation Impact
Every conversation we have has an impact on us. Whether we are aware of it or not, the conversations we have with ourselves often have the biggest impact. The challenge is, we’re often not fully aware of those conversations running in the background of our minds. Taking the time out to stop and listen can tell us a lot. What conversations have you been having with yourself? How are those conve...
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Business Communication Skills Tip – Eye Contact

We all know that it's important to make eye contact when SPEAKING to people. Yet we often forget the importance of making eye contact when LISTENING to people. Whether you’re having a one-to-one conversation or taking part in a group discussion, making eye contact as you listen to the speaker builds trust, shows respect and allows you to listen more effectively.
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Business Communication Skills Tip – Developing Executive Presence

Developing Executive Presence
We often think of developing Executive Presence as being about external factors: how we stand, how we dress, what words we use to communicate. These things are important, but equally important are the internal factors: how we think, how we listen, our mindset and values. Addressing the external factors without addressing the internal may lead to temporary improvements. But addressing the inter...
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Business Communication Skills Tip – Conversations Matter

Conversations matter and so does the preparation we do for those conversations. While it’s no surprise that preparation is important, what is often forgotten is that different types of conversations require different types of preparation. Depending on the conversation, we might need to: • Prepare for what we want to say; • Prepare for what we want to ask; • Prepare to respond to what we might ...
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Business Communication Skills Tip – Take Turns to Listen

Take turns to listen
Great conversation is not just about taking turns speaking, it's about taking turns listening. Being a great leader often requires giving others their turn.
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