You get out what you put in.  If you are looking to make a lasting change, you need to put in the work. This involves showing up for regular sessions, being open to feedback and willing to reflect and experiment with new behaviours.

A little more detail on those:


Taking the time to reflect on your current behaviour is crucial.    This is not just about telling me what your problems are, this is about digging deeper and wider and get a true picture of what you are doing well and what needs to change.


Truly objective and candid feedback on how you show up to others is rare. We often don’t have a clear picture in our own minds of what needs to be different in order to succeed.

I will give you feedback from my own observation and we may decide to get feedback from others.


There are no one-size-fits-all solutions to being an exceptional communicator.  Sure, there are useful techniques that can help and I’ll share as we go along, but its about applying these techniques in your own way.  If you want to change the way you communicate, you will need to experiment with new behaviors, reflect on what works and what doesn’t and experiment again.  I will be there to support you, stretch you, help you reflect and experiment and provide feedback as you go.

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