If ‘acceptance’ was the theme for 2021 – what’s next for 2022?

getting ready for 2022
As we approach the end of 2021, it’s a time to reflect on the year, what it brought, what we learned from it and where we can go from here. The word that stands out for me for 2021 is ‘Acceptance’.   We’ve all had to accept things this year that we haven’t wanted.  Some just slightly annoying and others really hard to deal with.  Whether it’s the little matter of remembe...
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Business Communications Skills Tip – Words Have Power

How are your words shaping your world? The words we use impact not only those around us, but our own well-being and ability to deal with challenges. The current challenges many of us are facing in our Covid or post Covid world can be spoken about in numerous ways. Describing them as a ‘battle’ a ‘war’ or a ‘disaster’ impacts how we’ll approach and deal with wha...
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Business Communications Skills – Tip – What is Important to You? Tasks or Relationships

What is important to you as we enter a new year? It can be so tempting to focus on the  many 'tasks' we want to complete.   Yet, the quality of our lives and careers are wholly linked to the quality of our relationships.   So is our ability to complete the many tasks we have in our minds and on our lists. 2021 is likely to still be a challenging year of social distanc...
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