I coach leaders to think, communicate and lead more effectively by helping them gain insights into their own brain, and the brains of the people around them. And what does that mean? It means that as leaders they work more effectively, lead stronger teams, get recognized for their work, get promoted, and live more balanced and fulfilled personal lives.

What Is Coaching (And What Is It NOT)?

Coaching is:
  • a powerful relationship that can produce exceptional results (IF you do the work!)
  • goal- and results-oriented
  • can focus on virtually any area of your life – your choice

Coaching is NOT:

  • about fixing you – many of my clients are already successful, and use coaching as a tool to become even more successful and fulfilled.
  • about giving you the answers or telling you what to do – it’s about helping you discover your own solutions that will move you forward.
  • pleasant chit-chat – coaching sessions can certainly be enjoyable, but they’re part of a process that facilitates deep learning, lasting change and the motivation to challenge yourself and take action. And that can sometimes be uncomfortable.
  • business consulting or training – it’s about what YOU want, not MY opinion or expert recommendations.

So my role is:

  • to help you make the best use of your own resources to ask thought-provoking questions
  • to listen carefully to your answers
  • to reflect back to you about what’s working well in your life
  • to share my constructive observations about your attitudes and behaviours that might not be working well for you
  • to share neuroscience-based tools and techniques that you can practise to be neutral and non-judgemental – YOU get to decide on your goals and your strategies for reaching them
  • to hold you accountable and not buy into your excuses

How Will We Work Together?

We’ll meet privately, one-on-one (either face-to-face or by phone/Skype). And of course everything you say in our sessions, phone calls and emails is completely confidential. Everything we discuss and do together will be driven BY you and tailored FOR you so that you set and achieve your personal and professional goals within a chosen timeframe, and learn new mindset and communication skills that you can apply for the rest of your life. In all my work, I use a carefully designed “goals – strategies – actions” approach, and I apply and share the proven neuroscience-based principles, tools and techniques (see “What is Neuroscience?”). I also bring my belief in your ability to set and achieve bigger and more inspired goals than you’ve achieved in the past. You might not know yet how you’re going to do this, but as we work together you’ll discover strengths and resources (and maybe even big dreams) that you never knew you had. We’ll begin your coaching program by setting clearly defined, inspiring, measurable goals (usually two work-focused and one personal, but the balance might shift depending on your unique needs). Then I’ll support you to create a strategic plan for achieving each goal, and we’ll break it down into targeted actions for you to complete each week. With insightful, powerful questioning, I’ll help you discover new learning, explore the implications, and commit to the next steps you’ll take. And sometimes, if I feel it’s appropriate, I might also take off my coach’s hat and share my personal experience of using communications tools and techniques that I think will help you move forward. Throughout your coaching program, we’ll check in regularly to gauge your progress towards your goals. Then, in our final session, we’ll review what you’ve learned, celebrate your achievements and look to the future.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect?

You will:
  • be clearer about your goals
  • achieve your goals
  • feel more confident about your skills and abilities, and yourself
  • feel more satisfied with your job
  • build stronger, healthier relationships with your staff, colleagues, managers, clients, friends, family-members…
  • understand yourself and other people better
  • communicate more effectively (that means in a way that works for your listeners) so that you get the results you want
  • be a more confident public speaker
  • think more clearly
  • feel more inspired and motivated
  • be able to apply your new learning to specific role and situations
  • feel more personal fulfillment
  • enjoy greater work-life balance

For companies and non-profit organizations, that means:

  • improved staff morale and engagement
  • improved employee retention
  • better-functioning teams
  • better relationships between managers and subordinates
  • happier customers who feel heard and understood

What My Clients Have Said About My Coaching:

“Carole has taken me on an incredible deep journey of self discovery. Being invisible and at the same time focused and committed to my goals she helped me to learn and develop. I ended my coaching series by not just reaching my goals, but going far beyond that. Thank you, Carole” Anna Lorant – Hong Kong “I started my first session with 3 very varied, very challenging goals and was quite worried that I would not achieve any of them. In fact, by the time I was half way through my 12 sessions I was well on my way to completeing all three of them! The most rewarding part of my coaching sessions, however, was not reaching the three goals, but the fact that I learned important lessons through the process of overcoming obstacles to reach my goals and those lessons will continue to help me throughout my life” Philip Stride, Managing Director, Sustainable Solutions Foundation, Hong Kong