Walking Coaching - Carole Lewis with client

Walking Coaching

Tired of virtual meetings?   Here’s something different. 

There is nothing like a good walk to help clear your mind, boost your energy, and help you consider best options for moving forward.

I was working on a project some time ago and feeling completely stuck, nothing was coming together, I was unable to make decisions or come up with anything creative.

I turned to my usual solution in this situation. I took a short break and went for a walk.  Within minutes the haziness lifted and my thoughts started coming together.  By the time I’d returned from my 10-minute city walk I had new ideas, had made decisions and was feeling ready to tackle the project again.  It made me realize that if this approach works for me, my clients could also benefit from us walking and coaching together.

What Does the Research Say?

It’s not a new idea that we do our best thinking and are most creative when walking. However, I’m always pleased when beliefs are backed up by scientific research. One piece of research from Stanford University discusses the various ways that walking boosts creativity. Interestingly authors Oppezzo and Schwartz found that it was the act of walking that helped with creativity rather than just being outside.  They found that  walking helps with creativity whether you are walking outside in nature, walking outside in a busy area or walking inside on a treadmill.

While we may not take the time to read the research its really no surprise that getting up, getting out of the office and seeing something new lifts our energy and helps stimulate thinking.

It’s not a new idea that we do our best thinking and are most creative when walking…

Executive Coaching With A Twist

Walking Coaching - harbourfront

Executive coaching has traditionally been conducted in an ‘Executive’ type office with coach and client sitting across the table from each other.   Recent events have shifted much of this to virtual sessions, but still require both people to be sitting still looking at each other.

Although this traditional picture works for many situations, and I still use this method with many of my clients, there are also those times when getting out of the office, moving around, and being exposed to a variety of sights and sounds can be more beneficial.

Combining coaching with walking allows you to explore the same challenges you explore in an office, in the same confidential conversations. The difference is that you have the freedom to move and the opportunity to experience the benefits of walking, which can help you, both literally and metaphorically – take steps to move forward.

Walking My Talk

I have always believed in walking as a way to get energized and inspire thinking and am an avid walker, so am now offering my clients the additional possibility of walking coaching for some, or all, of their sessions.

The coaching is the same. The only difference is that we swap our office shoes for comfortable shoes and walk rather than sit.

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Where Can You Walk and Talk In Hong Kong?

As the research clearly shows, where you walk is not as important as the fact that you are walking and moving.  While being outdoors has its benefits, it’s the walking that boosts creativity.

Hong Kong, despite its many buildings, traffic, crowded streets and heat of the summer still offers fantastic opportunities for walking and talking, both out in nature and in the city.

One of my favourite options is the Central harbourfront, which offers an ideal city escape within minutes of Central providing the freedom to walk without crowds or the noise of traffic (early morning on weekdays is best).   Or maybe you have your own favourite walking route that you’d like to use.

Contact me to find out more.

Hong Kong harbourfront for walking coaching