Simon Stevens – Executive Vice President, Product Development CheryJaguarlandrover, Shanghai, China

Coaching sessions with Carole are a mental work out – challenging and a massively fulfilling experience in equal measure.   The course of 12 sessions had a truly profound impact on my career path and personal life, in ways I would never have predicted.  What sets Carole apart is her engaging style, a way of questioning that guides you to reach your own conclusions and an infectiously positive approach.  Each session brings clarity and leaves you with an energy for change.   I particularly appreciated Carole’s flexibility in scheduling sessions to suit my personal situation – this, in turn, enabled the outcome of the engagement to be substantially more valuable.”

Dale Barron – BASF Hong Kong 

“Having spent more than fifteen years moving through various expatriate roles within the one organisation, Carole guided me through a structured approach to defining what I already had versus where ideally I wanted to be well into the future.  This resulted in a far better appreciation of myself and a clear set of goals to work towards.   Whilst these outcomes were generated by me, there is no way I would have got to them without Carole’s patient guidance.  For anyone who wants help in clarifying where they are and where they are going, I recommend taking the time to sit down with Carole to understand how this can be achieved.”

Chris B – Hong Kong

“I have always been an excellent performer in some aspects of my job, yet when I was required to step outside of my comfort zone I didn’t perform well.  I couldn’t seem to find an approach to change that was consistent with my personality, i.e., I did not want to try to become someone I’m not. I recognized the need for change, but I couldn’t do it on my own.  I needed to talk to someone!    If I hadn’t worked with a coach, there would have been a lot of false starts and even more frustration.

My sessions with Carole were excellent. The assessment done prior to the coaching highlighted areas for improvement. These were consistent with what I had been thinking. We then developed a plan to address this. The real benefit was that I did a lot of my own research but had someone to discuss it with and adapt it in a way that I would be comfortable working with.”

Molly Tian – Deputy Project Manager, Ikea Components, Shenzen China

It has been a wonderful journey being together with Carole through the coaching process. Her coaching and questions helped me find solutions to my issues. I had previously been in a down period of my life, feeling low on energy, unmotivated and unsatisfied with myself. I am now very happy that I have achieved my goals and moved from being down to energized with Carole’s support.”

Frederic LeBreton – Hong Kong

During my coaching with Carole, I experienced powerful insights and breakthroughs as well as learned and embedded new behavioural techniques that I now use on a daily basis.   Carole introduced me to specific models to enhance my communication skills.  These helped me to put aside unhelpful thoughts, consider my own way of being and how I want to be perceived in presentation or important meeting.  My sessions with Carole were challenging and rewarding and I recommend Carole as a coach.”

Jo Hayes – Director Pipeline Initiatives The Women’s Foundation Hong Kong

I decided to do the coaching with Carole when  I was heading towards a career transition and needed some guidance. I wanted to focus my attention on my personal branding and be better equipped to sell myself to hugely differing industries. Working with Carole has had an extremely positive impact not only on my career path but equally on my self-esteem and confidence. The Harrison Assessments identified my strong desire for both decision-making and collaboration and for the first time I was aware of areas such as risk-taking where I could focus more on or at least ensure I work with someone who possesses a complementary skill-set. This knowledge empowered me to speak with conviction and passion in interview situations when asked the age-old question ‘What are your strengths and weaknesses?  Thanks to Carole’s coaching I have newly found focus and the power to make an informed decision about which opportunity would be a best fit for me.”

Nicky Cooper – former Lawyer, Hong Kong

A coaching session with Carole always leaves me inspired, energised and passionate about following through on my goals ensuring I stay productive and achieve what I desire. With Carole’s assistance I successfully identified and instilled extremely useful habits and probably even more importantly, helpful thought processes to support keeping myself on track with my vision for a successful and productive life.

By the end of my first series of coaching sessions, not only had I progressed the three goals I had set with her around work, finances and health, but I had also achieved ancillary goals I had set for myself. Best of all, I felt renewed sense of confidence, fulfilment and a deep happiness and appreciation of my life

I really appreciated Carole’s generosity with her time, and also those times when she was happy to take off her coaching hat, and put on her trainer’s hat. Carole’s support has been invaluable to me, and I would not hesitate to recommend her skills to anyone wanting to get more out of their lives or work.

TM Entrepreneur – Hong Kong

“Before I met Carole, I used to think communication is just a way to pass information from one person to another. Now I see that communication is multidimensional. It is also a reflection of yourself. I learned a lot from Carole in this short time span, more than what I could have accomplished at my own pace. This has helped me grow personally and professionally and has been a valuable experience.”

Skye C – Hong Kong

“I had been feeling guilty and unmotivated about self-care and taking time for myself. The hardest part was that I didn’t even recognise or accept this and could have suffered burn out.

In Carole’s sessions I felt safe, un-judged and able to be completely open. Her method of experimenting with body posture helped me acknowledge and confront a hidden negativity. I now know where this comes from and how it affects me – and how to deal with it.

I’m now enjoying doing simple free time pleasures without guilt and I know the benefits will spill over into many areas of my life.”

Philip Stride – Managing Director Sustainable Solutions Limited
“Carole’s patience and extensive experience helped me reach some very challenging goals. The most rewarding part of the coaching was overcoming obstacles that allowed me to continue to move forward. These are lessons that will stay with me for life! I would highly recommend coaching with Carole as an incredibly effective way to get the most out of life.”

Dr Simon Miles – Business Owner, My Writing Coach

“Take Carole’s Goal Setting Workshop! It could be the most useful couple of hours you’ve spent in a long time. In such a short time it gives you practical techniques that you can use again and again.”

Karey Pohn – PHD

“What an absolutely wonderful training it was.  I can’t thank you enough for your knowledge, grace and for making it fun and keeping things going.  You are a great role model as a coach and that you really gave our cohort a firm foundation that has stood us in good stead throughout the training.  In short, all of the things that we learned in the training, you provided a living example of.  Transformation happens when the conditions are correct, and you helped to model that for me.”