Good listening skills make a successful leader

As a leader, how can you show your team that you value them and respect their ideas?

Listen to them.

Most leaders have good intentions of listening, yet how often do you realize the following has happened:

  1. You nod and smile and pretend to listen, but your mind is somewhere else
  2. You don’t give a team member your full attention (looking down at your phone or elsewhere)
  3. You listen for space to be able to speak yourself rather than truly listening to what the other person is saying
  4. You make a judgment of the speaker rather than listening to their words
  5. You start to listen and then have a better idea yourself
  6. You decide on your own viewpoint before listening and then don’t really listen at all
  7. You cut the speaker off

Imagine the difference it could make if you took the time to really listen to what your team has to say.

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