My clients usually fall into one or more of these categories:

  • Subject-matter experts who need to be more clear, credible and convincing
  • Established high performers and leaders who find it challenging to build relationships and communicate effectively with others
  • Emerging leaders who need to show a greater presence in front of their bosses and teams

My clients either:

  • get sponsored by their organizations, which see their potential and want to develop them further in order to retain them, or
  • pay for their own coaching because they know that communication skills are the key to getting noticed, promoted, and achieving both personal and professional success.

The value of effective communication is not limited to any specific industry.  My clients come from; Financial institutions, Technical fields, FMCG’s, Telecommunications, Mining and Chemical, Retail, Consumer services and more.

My clients have worked in leadership roles in the following organizations:

clients logos

As I work with my clients I help them determine the most effective methods of communication for their industry, location and company culture.

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