How many requests of others do you make in a day?

How many in a week?

How many in a year?

We can’t function in life alone. Making requests are a a vital part of communicating and working with others effectively

Yet, often we miss the mark. Things we ask for don’t get done, or get done incorrectly or only partially.

Consider these guidelines for your next request.

✳️Make a direct request.  If you need or want something, don’t hint or suggest, be clear about the fact that you are asking for something.

✳️Make to a specific person.  Requests made to a group, without being specific about who you are asking to do something can lead to confusion or disappointment.

✳️Be clear about the action to be performed.

✳️Be clear about the reason for the request

✳️Include a time frame

✳️Consider the emotional context.

✳️Make the standards explicit (HOW do you need things done)

✳️Check your body when making the request – hunched down does not show any legitimacy to request

✳️Remove any jargon that could confuse

✳️Choose your words carefully.  You may know what you mean, but are your words clear for another person.  Consider what they know about the situation and how they may interpret your words.

It might seem like a lengthy list, but leaving any of it  out can lead to disappointment.